Re-Chroming: What This Process Looks Like And How It Will Fix Your Fenders

When you get into a little fender bender with another driver, it tends to leave the chrome on your fenders a complete mess. You will want to fix that at your local auto body repair shop right away. If you do not, rust will develop in all of the areas where the chrome has been scraped off in the accident, or where the fender has been crunched and now reveals creases of metal sans chrome.

Why You Should Have Your Vehicle's Torn Leather Seats Repaired By A Professional

Are you thinking about repairing your vehicle's torn leather seats yourself? While the idea might seem like a good one, there are a variety of reasons to consider having a professional make the repairs instead. Here are just a few reasons to have a professional repair your vehicle's leather seats: Maintain Your Manufacturer's Warranty Many manufacturers require that you have your vehicle maintained and repaired by a licensed professional in order to maintain the warranty that comes with the vehicle.

Avoiding Problems With Your Commercial Truck

For a professional truck driver, the condition of their vehicle will be critical for ensuring they can perform their job duties. While this is an important task, many drivers can become complacent when it concerns caring for their truck's maintenance and operational needs. Have A Checklist To Follow Prior To Any Haul Complacency will often lead to a much higher risk of an accident or malfunction occurring. One way to help reduce the risk of these issues occurring will be to have a checklist that you can consult prior to undertaking any haul.

Save Money On Your Auto Paint Job

Are you looking for ways that you can save money on your auto paint job? Does your car have some small paint and rock chips that you need to take care of? Often, you can greatly reduce the overall cost of an auto body paint job if you do some of the basic bodywork yourself. That is, if your car has some small blemishes and nothing major needs body filler, you can fix them yourself before taking the car to the painter.

How To Clean Vehicle Air Conditioner Vents

If the inside of your vehicle smells, it could be time to clean the air conditioner vents. Smoke, mildew, and dirt can accumulate quickly in an air vent sending foul odors into the air, which could cause allergies. It is important to clean the vents as soon a possible to increase air quality. Follow these steps to clean your vehicle's air conditioner vents. Prepare to Clean Vents To clean the vents, gather: