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3 Auto Body Damage Your Car Could Sustain In A Rear-End Collision

A rear-end collision can leave you with severe injuries and costly car body damage, whether driving for work or just taking a leisurely drive. No matter how minor it is, no car damage should be left unattended. Has your car sustained damage following a rear-end accident? You will need to work with a reliable auto body repair shop to have it fixed before getting back on the road. Below are typical auto body damages a car could sustain following a rear-end collision.

1. Car Frame Misalignment

Your car frame supports your car's mechanical components, shape, and weight. The rear-end collision impact is enough to cause extensive frame misalignment. A car with a misaligned car frame is difficult to control and could expose you to a fatal accident. Even worse, frame damage can affect your car's resale value. The good news is that frame damage is repairable. You just need to take your car to a reputable auto body repair shop, and they will straighten it to ensure it is functioning efficiently and safely.

2. Suspension Issues

Another car part that may be damaged after a car crash is the suspension system. Your suspension links your car to the wheels and allows for the transmission of braking and driving forces. If your car's suspension has been affected in the collision, you may hear knocking noises when braking or cornering. Your vehicle could also pull to one side, and you may note fluid leaks from shock absorbers. Overlooking suspension damage is an invitation for more costly damage or even accidents. Get in touch with a seasoned auto repair professional without delay.

3. Trunk Dents

A rear collision can also leave dents and scratches on your trunk. Even tiny dents and scratches can ruin the aesthetics of your car and lower its value. The accident's impact could bend your trunk, making it hard to close. Want to straighten a bent trunk and get rid of ugly scratches from your car after a read-end collision? Be sure to engage an experienced auto body repair specialist. They will evaluate the extent of the bends and scratches and advice on the best way to eliminate them.

After an accident, your car might have sustained damage that could compromise its functionality and expose you to a fatal accident. Therefore, you need to seek repair services at a reputable auto body shop. The mechanics will effectively diagnose your vehicle and fix all the damage.

For more information, contact an auto body repair shop near you.