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Reasons to Consider Taking Your Car to a Vehicle Collision Center

An auto collision center handles more than just dents in your car after an accident. These businesses can inspect your vehicle for body damage, check the frame to ensure it is straight, and find hidden damage on the car you had never noticed before. And if there is a dent or two in the car, they can fix that too.

Collision Inspections

If your car was involved in any collision, it is essential to have the entire vehicle checked for damage. The collision center will go over the entire vehicle for you and determine if there is damage resulting from the accident that needs to be repaired. 

Sometimes the damage is so light that you don't see it, but it is enough to cause a misalignment of the suspension that affects the car's handling and causes parts to wear faster than they should. The damage may be repairable, but unless you know where to look, you may not even know it is there. Often, damage like this is found after the car is put on a frame rack and measured carefully by a tech at the auto collision center. The tech will be looking for factory specs on the frame and body, so it will show up pretty quickly if it is off. 

Body Damage

Older cars often suffer body damage after a collision. While you could replace the parts very easily, the frame may be too strong that the rest of the car is fine. Uniframe construction has changed that because the entire body and frame are one unit. The uniframe construction allows the body to crumple or crush in specific areas to keep the cockpit intact and the passengers safe. Because of this new building style, cars involved in low-speed accidents with noticeable body damage may have damage to the frame or structure of the vehicle. The car needs to go to a collision center for repair because some of the body panels that require repair may be part of the uniframe, and they can not just be removed to be fixed. 

In many cases, damage like this requires the car to be put on a frame machine and pulled back to the original shape before the body panels can be dealt with. The collision center will have the tools to do the job, and once the frame is straight, they can replace the damaged body panels and paint the car. 

Too Much Damage

It is vital that the vehicle inspection is thorough because there are some situations that repairing the damage that could compromise the car's structure. If this is the case with your vehicle, the collision center will let you know, and the insurance company will most likely total the car. 

For more information, contact a collision center to learn more.