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Tips for Adding Aftermarket and Luxury Trim Packages to Your Car's Finish After Repairs

Today, there are many models of cars that have various trim levels, which start with standard equipment and go up to the luxury features and trim. If you are customizing your car, you may want to add these aftermarket or luxury trim packages to the body. The following auto body repair guide will help you add these features to your car when you have the damage repaired:

1. Removing, Customize, or Replace Stock Bumper Covers

The first thing that you will want to do to upgrade the trim package of your car is to remove the stock bumper covers. You can use bumper covers from luxury trim models, or you can use custom auto body parts. If you are going to update the entire front grille assembly, you will need to use a bumper cover on the front end that works with the rest of the part you are using.

2. Add Functional Hood Scoops and Vents

The front end is where auto body improvements can be functional to improve the performance of your car. First, you will want to add a functional hood scoop that will improve airflow and keep the engine cool. There are also options for functional fender vents that can cool brakes for better performance and handling.

3. Choose a Hood and Grille Assembly

The front end is one of the areas where you may want to consider customizations and luxury trim. If there is a luxury model of your car, you can replace the hood, fenders, and grille assembly with premium trim packages. There are also options for custom front end parts that can give your car a more custom look and upgrades if there is not a luxury trim package for the model car you own.

4. Add Spoilers and Other Performance Parts to the Car's Body 

The spoilers and other performance parts can also be added to your car when auto body repairs are done. If there are performance models of your car with stock spoilers, you can use the original factory parts for these features. If you want a more customized look or there are not performance models with stock spoilers, you can use aftermarket performance auto body parts to add these features to your car.

These are some of the different options you will want to consider upgrading the trim package of your car when doing auto body repairs. If you need repairs done to your car and want to upgrade the trim, talk to services like Downtown Garage & Auto Body about the repairs and extra costs of upgrading the trim when repairs are done.