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Tips For Fixing A Dent On Your Vehicle

Maybe it was a runaway shopping cart. Maybe you accidentally bumped into something while trying to maneuver out of the gas station or around a parking lot. Regardless of what happened, there's now a dent on your vehicle and it annoys you every time you look at it. Assuming that's it's just a dent and there is no serious damage to your paint job, it may be possible for you to fix the situation yourself. Here are some tips if you want to attempt a paintless dent repair on your own.

Use a Plunger

The dent on your car occurred when you, someone else, or a random object applied too much pressure on your car's body and pushed it inward. Well, it would make sense then that what got pushed in can come back out, as long as you have the right tools. To that end, grab a cup plunger, just like the kind you would use to fix a clogged sink. Wet the plunger and add some water to the area of the dent. Then, simply attach the plunger to the car and gradually start applying pressure, down and back up. With a little luck, the suction will pull on the dented area and restore it to previous condition. If you do it correctly, no one will even know that dent was ever there.

Hot and Cold

Another solution for a quick dent fix involves using two items that you probably already have at home. Get a hairdryer and figure out a way to plug it in either in your garage or out in the driveway. Once it has power, use the heat from the hairdryer to warm up the entire surface of the car around the dent. Then, as soon as you turn the hairdryer off, spray a can of compressed air directly onto the dent. Compressed air comes out very cold and the mixture of something quite cold hitting the warm plastic could cause a reaction that makes the dent pop back out.

Boil it Out

One final option is to heat a pot of water to the boiling point and then quickly dump it directly over the dent while it's still piping hot. Just like with the hairdryer, this will cause the plastic to become more malleable. You can again try the compressed air trick or you can physically try to caress or push the dent back out with your hands while the plastic is hot and more susceptible to movement.

For further help, reach out to a paintless dent repair professional.