Exploring Auto Body Paint Application Procedures

When Car Insurance Pays Out Big: What Kind Of New Paint Job Will You Buy?

Being in a car accident is never fun. However, when your car insurance pays out in a big way, and you still get to keep the car rather than junk it, then you can decide what new and fancy things to do with your vehicle during the restoration process. One of the things people really like to do is give their cars a brand new paint job. The auto body collision repair services provide painting as part of the restoration process, but nobody said you could not repaint your car entirely. Here are a few of the possible suggestions for new paint jobs that you could do with that influx of insurance cash.

Totally Different Body Color

If your car was all black before the accident, and you really do not like black, now is the perfect time to change that. As the technician works to take dents, dings, and scratches out of your car, he/she will have to remove a lot of the paint. You could just request that all of the black paint be removed and replaced with whatever color you select as the replacement paint color. The replacement paint color would have to be of equal or lesser value to the black paint that would have been used to repaint your car. Still, that leaves you with more options than just black. 

Racing Stripes

It does not take much to add racing stripes or a pinstripe of color down the sides of your car when the technician is already repainting several surfaces on your vehicle. It would only take a little auto painter's masking and an hour to paint the stripes over the top of the previously finished new paint job to give your vehicle the stripes. At the very least, your car would look newer and a little different from its original look. 

Deluxe Paint Jobs

Of course, you could just opt for one of the world's most expensive paint jobs. The insurance check would cover part of the cost, and you could finance the rest. One of the most popular paint jobs infuses metallic, light absorbing and light reflecting flecks, giving your vehicle the look of one color, which immediately changes as the light hits it to become another color. Green that changes to purple is one of the more popular colors, but there are at least a dozen deluxe paint colors that have this property.