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3 Tips For Maintaining Your Fleet Vehicles

Relying on a fleet of heavy-duty trucks to perform essential business tasks can be beneficial when providing goods and services to the public. Unfortunately, these trucks can quickly transform from an asset to a hazard if they are not properly maintained.

Here are three simple things that you can do to ensure your heavy-duty trucks remain in good condition and ready to perform in the future.

1. Rotate each vehicle's tires regularly.

If you want to ensure that your trucks remain as safe as possible while traveling each day, it's important that you take the time to have the tires on your commercial vehicles rotated on a regular basis.

Tires can wear unevenly if they are not rotated, resulting in dangerous tread damage that could compromise the safety and performance of your heavy-duty trucks in the future. Be sure that you rotate your trucks' tires according to the manufacturer's recommended schedule to ensure even wear over time.

2. Invest in regular fluid flushes.

Proper maintenance of your heavy-duty commercial trucks includes routinely flushing out the fluids within your trucks' mechanical systems. Fluids serve many vital roles within your trucks' mechanical systems, including the dissipation of excess heat and the lubrication of moving parts.

The chemical compounds that give automotive fluids their ability to protect your trucks from serious damage can break down over time. Regular fluid flushes ensures that old and obsolete fluids are completely removed from your trucks' mechanical systems and replaced with fresh fluid that will ensure the safety and performance of your fleet vehicles in the future.

3. Check exterior lights regularly.

Operating heavy-duty trucks on today's roadways can be dangerous, especially if your drivers are not able to communicate with other motorists through the exterior lights on your commercial vehicles. Brake lights, turn signals, and reverse lights all play a critical role in helping your drivers let other motorists know of their intentions as they maneuver your heavy-duty fleet vehicles.

You should routinely inspect exterior lights on all your fleet vehicles to ensure they are working properly. Replace any bulbs that have burnt out, and clean the plastic housing covering a vehicle's exterior lights if you see signs of dirt or debris that could prevent the lights from being seen.

Proper care and maintenance of your fleet vehicles will help ensure that your heavy-duty trucks operate efficiently and safely over time. Be sure that you are rotating your vehicles' tires, flushing out their fluids, and checking their exterior lights regularly to keep your commercial fleet in good condition. Contact a repair shop, like Florida Truck & Trailer CO, for more information.