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How To Deal With Car Rust

Getting a rust problem on your car can be frustrating and time-consuming. Here's how to simply deal with a rust problem.

Removing Car Rust

There are a few techniques that you can take to remove rust, depending on how severe the problem is. For minor surface rust that affects the nicks and scratches on your car, you can use sandpaper to gently buff out the scratch, cleaning until the metal shines through the rust and paint. Then, you'll need to go through the steps of fixing your paint below.

If the rust problem is big enough to cause a bubble, then you may need to use a grinding wheel to remove larger areas of rust, and then proceed with the sandpaper. If the rust has penetrated into the structure of the car and caused serious metal corrosion, then this isn't a do-it-yourself case; you'll need to enlist the help of a mechanic to replace some parts and make sure the car is safe to drive.

Fixing Your Paint After a Rust Problem

Once you have removed the rust spots from your car and smoothed down the surface with sandpaper, then it's time to apply a fresh coat of primer evenly to the surface of the car. Next, you can apply a layer of new paint over the old paint job. It's best to reapply a paint job to the entire car, since spot painting can leave unevenness in your paint job.

A professional car painting at an auto body shop is the best way to take care of your new paint job after a rust problem. While you're at the auto body shop, they can add a finish that will help protect the car from rust and corrosive materials.

Preventing Car Rust

After repairing and repainting your car, you may want to take some steps to prevent the rust from returning in the future. The first step is to wash your car at least once a month to prevent the buildup of grime, which can lead to corrosion. Especially when your car comes in contact with corrosive materials, such as winter road salt, be sure to hose the car down. To keep rainwater from pooling and causing rust on your car, use a pipe cleaner to clear the drain holes at the bottom of your doors. Use these tips to prevent a buildup of new rust that will require more repairs. 

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